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when u make a joke and the whole class laughs


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I’ve seen a lot of talk going around about minimum wage increases and along with it, plenty of ignorant comments belittling those who want it. 

In Texas, the current minimum wage is, as you most likely know, $7.25. If a person were to work every single day of the year for 8 hours, they would net an annual income of barely $21,000. A family of four’s living wage in city areas is over $50,000. Two parents working this incredibly exhausting amount of hours would STILL not yield an income that could be lived off of. 

I watched a video a while back that stated that minimum wage would need to be increased to $13.00 to allow people working these low paying jobs a living wage. This is a huge jump. What’s not a huge jump, however, is the increase in price YOU, the consumer, would feel after this increase. A grocery item at $0.60 would increase in price to $0.61. A penny of YOUR money so MILLIONS of people could experience a more comfortable life.

If you’re against any increase in minimum wage, chances are you haven’t been there. I haven’t either, but I know if I was making $21k a year working as hard as I possibly could, there is no way I would be able to keep up. Keep those less fortunate in mind. Those who weren’t born into money or expectations in education. In America there is NOT equal opportunity. Don’t act like you, as a 20 year old adolescent, did ANYTHING to find yourself in the living situation you’re in. We’re a united country and we cannot keep neglecting and marginalizing our fellow citizens. 

I could go on for days about this, but I’ll cut it. Do some research. Find out what a living wage really is, and how hard it is to live on even that. When one of your parents makes as much, or double, or triple what an entire family of four would need to SURVIVE, I would hope you would be a little more giving. 

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